Cenic's Software

Once upon a time, I developed applications for both the Mac & PC under the name Cenic's Software.  This is no longer something in which I'm actively involved.  Existing titles can still be downloaded and purchased, however.

Cenic's Software was established in January of 1996. Software was at first written in Microsoft QuickBASIC, but quickly moved to FutureBASIC & Visual Basic. Cenic's Software published software written for the Macintosh Classic Platform as well as the PC platform.

In its heyday, Cenic's Software titles could be found many places over the Internet. Some titles have also appeared in shareware magazines in the US and in Japan as well as on some French Websites.

Mark Cenicola

Cenic's Software was dedicated to publishing affordable microcomputer software, but is no longer actively developing any new titles or supporting old ones.  For your convenience, information regarding past products with active download links is still available.  Products can still be ordered as well.

Mac - these are titles written for Mac OS prior to Mac OS X

 1. Magic File 1.1 (Shareware) - $4.50 product # 114

 2. Trolls 1.3.1 (Shareware) - $4.50 product # 115

 3. Download Time Calculator 1.2 (Shareware) - $3.00 product # 116 

 4. SimpleText AutoTyper 1.1           (Shareware)  - $5.00    product # 112

 5. SimpleText AutoTyper 1.2           (Commercial) - $7.00   product # 113

PC - the only title was written for Windows 95/98, but it's expected it will still run on newer versions of Windows.

 1. Download Time Calculator 1.1 (Shareware) - $3.00 product # 116W


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Mark Cenicola strips away the hype and gives his take on technology and its use in establishing a better business online.

Hard hitting presentations that really get to the core of today's technologically advanced business economy, Mark demonstrates effective strategies for integrating the Internet into a company's operations and giving their website an expanded role in contributing to the success of their business.