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This section is dedicated to my Baby Bell.  Watch her as she grows and becomes just like her father.  Okay, maybe not just like her father, but hopefully you can see her develop into a wonderful person that has a positive contribution to society.  No pressure!


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Does This Child Have too Much Laundry?

(01/12/2011) Mark A. Cenicola

Isabella Basket LargeWhen I visited my grandmother over the summer of 2010 and was showing her pictures of Baby Bell, she kept commenting on all the outfits she had.  Specifically, she was amazed at how many different ones.  She kept saying "that baby has a lot of cloths."

Fortunately for us, we had a lot of friends and family who bought cloths for her so she definitely had no shortage of outfits to begin her life.  Add to the fact that my mother works for a major national clothing retailer and you can imagine that even though she has outgrown a lot of outfits, there's no shortage of new stuff being provided.   After all, grandmothers love buying things for their grandchildren, especially at this age because everything is relatively inexpensive.

One night, my wife was doing the laundry (Baby Bell's laundry) and needed a free hand.  The laundry basket seemed to fit the bill at the time.  To Baby Bell's delight, she enjoyed watching her laundry go 'round and 'round in the front loader washing machine.  Yes, all that laundry in the basket is hers, it's clean and the load in the washer was hers also!  


At least she tried folding some of her cloths.  Thanks for the help Baby Bell!Isabella-Folds

Morey June 14, 2011 ~ 4:32 AM
That's raelly thinking out of the box. Thanks!
That's raelly thinking out of the box. Thanks!
Vicki June 13, 2011 ~ 9:30 PM
At last! Smoneoe who understands! Thanks for posting!
At last! Smoneoe who understands! Thanks for posting!

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