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This section is dedicated to my Baby Bell.  Watch her as she grows and becomes just like her father.  Okay, maybe not just like her father, but hopefully you can see her develop into a wonderful person that has a positive contribution to society.  No pressure!


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Two Year Olds Make Tough Customers

(06/02/2012) Mark A. Cenicola

Ah, the "terrible twos."  It's that age where a toddler wants gets into everything.  They don't know what they do or don't want, other than whatever is the opposite of what you want.

I find myself asking questions during tantrums that result in resounding "no's!"  No matter what I ask, when the answer is "no," I can't win.

Interestingly, I found myself in this same situation with a customer last week.  It seems that we provided them with everything that they asked for, but then they decided it was everything they didn't want.  

Just like my two year old, you simply have to wait for the tantrum to pass and try again.  With time, you usually have more success and like the customer situation, it was able to be resolved.  There's peace for now...until the next tantrum!baby-bell-tantrum-large

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