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This section is where you'll find my thoughts on life from the eyes of an entrepreneur.  The biggest challenge is balancing the success and obligations that success brings as the more successful one becomes, it seems the more obligations they have to the world.  Feel free to comment as you follow my journey and general musings regarding that journey. 


General Musings on Life & Entreprenuership

DIY Websites, Goodbye Twitter and Hello Houston!

(08/31/2015) Mark A. Cenicola

Over the last several months, I've been anticipating a new offering we've been building over at We recenlty launched a public beta of a new offering, a do-it-yourself website building service powered by BannerOS. Now anyone can try their hands at developing a website within minutes and can use BannerOS, plus blogging (BannerBeat) and online forms (BannerForms) capabilities absolutely free. 

We anticipate this offering furthering the growth of our BannerOS platform and compliments the service where we'll build a company's website for them for free.

I'll be spending time in Houston and look forward to meeting and getting to know professionals in the area. I had the opportunity to network extensively at the beginning of the year and met some fine folks. Looking forward to continuing my time and learning the area. I'll be a two city person for some time to come. If you want to connect while you're in the Houston or Las Vegas areas, feel free to contact me since I'll be splitting time between the two.

Aside from my professional endevours, you may notice that the Twitter feed is gone from my website.  It wasn't only the Twitter feed that I removed, in fact, I deleted my account and said "Goodbye" to Twitter

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