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This section is where you'll find my thoughts on life from the eyes of an entrepreneur.  The biggest challenge is balancing the success and obligations that success brings as the more successful one becomes, it seems the more obligations they have to the world.  Feel free to comment as you follow my journey and general musings regarding that journey. 


General Musings on Life & Entreprenuership

The iCar could Make Apple a $2+ Trillion Company in 10 Years.

(02/20/2015) Mark A. Cenicola

If Chamath Palihapitiya is correct in his recent tweet storm about the rollout of the iCar, my opinion is that Apple will become a $2+ Trillion company over the next decade:

When (not if) $AAPL builds a car it will be lo-cost, all electric. And it will sell them in China FIRST. And sell 100M+ of them.
2/20/15, 8:40 AM

2/ frustrating to see how ppl are so narrow minded and don't understand that the "developing markets" are now bigger than "developed" mkts.
2/20/15, 8:41 AM
3/ I can't think of another brand that is a bigger sign of economic upward mobility amongst middle class in China and India
2/20/15, 8:42 AM
3/ you already see it in China w Xaomi and AAPL. You buy a Xaomi phone UNTIL you can afford an iPhone and then switch en masse.
2/20/15, 8:43 AM
5/ the other thing is that this "signalling" of economic prosperity has played out here in the US for decades.
2/20/15, 8:45 AM
@michaelgruchy yes. They will build a $30-50k car w amazing leasing terms (which they can self finance) and then walk price up over time.
2/20/15, 8:49 AM
@michaelgruchy This would be an amazing use of $180B in cash stashed around the world...
2/20/15, 8:50 AM
6/ remember when a Lexus was sign of prosperity. I think we saw "peak Lexus" when Kanye put a line about leasing a Lexus in CollegeDropout.
2/20/15, 8:59 AM
@bdnice1 TSLA was first. Always better to be "First to be second". See $FB vs Friendster, $GOOG vs Excite etc...
2/20/15, 9:02 AM
@mdcohen @bdnice1 Has to be electric to work in China and India...they are heading for an environmental reckoning at current course + speed.
2/20/15, 9:07 AM

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