General Musings

This section is where you'll find my thoughts on life from the eyes of an entrepreneur.  The biggest challenge is balancing the success and obligations that success brings as the more successful one becomes, it seems the more obligations they have to the world.  Feel free to comment as you follow my journey and general musings regarding that journey. 


General Musings on Life & Entreprenuership

Writing Books to Sell Copies is Not the Only Reason to be Published

12/26/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
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Most authors never even sell 100-150 copies of their books, but selling books isn't necessarily the only reason to put all the hard work into writing and publishing a new book. However, if you do want to sell a few copies has created an interesting concept in free book promotion.

Watch My Interview on MSNBC's "Your Business" News Segment

10/22/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
MSNBC interviewed myself along with a few other speakers at the 2012 Digital World Expo, click more to watch!

The Glimmer of Hope Marissa Mayer Brought to Yahoo! May Already be Gone

10/14/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
Unless Mayer takes a drastic change of approach to giving back all of the cash raised from the Alibaba sale to shareholders, the company will continue to remain an innovation laggard.

Phone Interview for "Successipes" on Blog Talk Radio

10/04/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
In October 2012, I was interviewed by Lori Wilk as a guest on her Blog Talk Radio show called "Successipes" where we talk branding, websites, blogging and more.

Interview from "Let's Talk Business" Radio Show

09/10/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
Listen to Jeff Helvin and my interview with Shaundell Newsome as he welcomes us as guests on his radio show, "Let's Talk Business"

Not a Joke - Marissa Mayer Inherited the Best Company Ever!

08/11/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
Marissa Mayer has an incredible opportunity in front of her to turn Yahoo! around back to growth. With a strong balance, positive cash flow and highly valued assets, she has all the ingredients a CEO could want in a company.

Barnes and Noble Book Signing of "The Banner Brand"

06/19/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
Barnes and Noble Book Signing
A local Barnes and Noble invited me down for a book signing!

"The Banner Brand" Book Signing

04/11/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
This past Saturday I had my first book signing! It was at the Clark County Spring Fling Book Fair at the East Flamingo location.

Phone Interview for the Digitial World Expo 2011

04/04/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
In September 2011 I had the privilege of being a presenter at the first annual Digital World Expo here in Las Vegas. My presentation was on "Maximizing Viral Returns". Before the show I was interviewed by Event Chair, Shawn Rorick.

The Bigger Story of Apple's Dividend and Stock Buyback Announcement

03/20/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
Hard at work small
Over three years, Apple will be returning $40 billion to shareholders. While this amount is not significant to Apple, $40 billion is still an insane amount of money to get pumped back into the system. Apple may be providing our economy with the largest free market stimulus package of its kind

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