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Mark Cenicola
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The Latest from Mark's Blog

EtherDelta - The Minor Leagues for Crypto Scouts

11/23/2017 Mark A. Cenicola
EtherDelta is a great place to find up and coming cryptocurrencies before they are well known within the cryptocurrency community. It’s like the minor leagues - the first place ERC20 tokens go to trade before they get picked up by the bigger (and centralized) exchanges.

Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum are not Money, They're Better

09/19/2017 Mark A. Cenicola
Crypto assets are at the inflection point where the Internet was in the mid to late 1990’s. It's important to understand the potential of blockchain technology and its benefit to the future economy.

The Case for Bitcoin $10,000...err...$1+ Million!

05/25/2017 Mark A. Cenicola
Every time the price of Bitcoin rises fast, the media is all over it. Once again, it's time for me to speculate about the price per bitcoin come 2040.

Mineral Rich - Gold/Silver/Copper Ore Samples from Nevada Mining Claims Available for Sale

06/20/2016 Mark A. Cenicola
Interested in mineral rich rock samples from real Nevada mining claims? Check out my unique gold and silver ore samples from the historical mining areas between Nelson and Searchlight Nevada!

Painted Wine Glasses

12/04/2015 Mark A. Cenicola
If there's a wine lover in your life, give them the perfect gift! Check out the original wine glass art created by my wife that's now for sale on her website.

Low Interest Rates Actually Hurt Economic Growth

10/06/2015 Mark A. Cenicola
The idea goes that as interest rates drop, people are expected to borrow more money then spend more, ultimately stoking growth and increasing inflation. The reality is that low rates are having the opposite effect.

DIY Websites, Goodbye Twitter and Hello Houston!

08/31/2015 Mark A. Cenicola
A brief summary of the updates from the last couple of months.

Double Rainbow Captured in the Southwest Part of the Las Vegas Valley

04/23/2015 Mark A. Cenicola
Double Rainbow Small
On my way to work I caught this double rainbow in southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley

The iCar could Make Apple a $2+ Trillion Company in 10 Years.

02/20/2015 Mark A. Cenicola
A recent tweet storm by Chamath Palihapitiya explains how The iCar could be massive, making me believe that Apple could be a $2+ Trillion Company in 10 Years.

Quick Review Lenovo S8-50 Android Tablet

12/06/2014 Mark A. Cenicola
I recently took advantage of the holiday shopping season by purchasing my first tablet device intended not as a gift, but for myself. Here are my thoughts about the Lenovo S8-50 8 inch tablet.

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