Here is where you'll find articles that I've written that give you further insight to what's happening in my life.  From events at which I'll be speaking including book signings to family happenings and other general musings, I invite you to share your comments. 

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Resources for Building Your Twitter Following

07/25/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
You may have your reasons for building a following on Twitter just as I did. Here are a few resources leveraged to amass nearly 2,000 followers in 2 months.

I Have it All, Don't I?

07/11/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
The Great Salt Lake
Do family, possessions, friendships, enterprise building or offspring make the man? Or, is it what is still left to accomplish that determine success? Find out what the first 30 have brought and what's on the horizon for 31+.

A New Life Joins the World

05/26/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
Baby Bell Thumbnail
What an experience it is to witness the birth of a child. My Baby Bell was love at first sight!

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