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My Wife Doesn't Care About Bubbles, Neither Does Yours

05/28/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
Sometimes, as insiders, we get so wrapped up within our industry that you forget that until real people start talking about Web 2.0 company valuations in everyday casual conversation, the bubble has a ways to go before being fully inflated.

The "Uninteresting" Social Network

03/13/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
I finally got around to watching The Social Network last night. While I'm glad to have seen it, very interesting, it was not.

What to Do When You Don't Have the (i)Phone You Really Want

02/20/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
LG Optimus-Small
Not all phones are created equal. The iPhone is the king of smart phones, but you certainly pay a hefty monthly fees to lay claim to it. However, you may be able to get the phone you need without breaking the bank.

The Lines Between Professional and Personal Blogging Are Blurring

02/05/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
When it comes to getting your blogs read, people will seek out great content. Both personal and professional blogs must be well written, provide thought provoking or actionable content and bring benefits to the reader.

Does This Child Have too Much Laundry?

01/12/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
Isabella Basket Small
Baby Bell certainly has a lot of laundry; so much that she barely has room for herself. Oh wait, that's not a baby carrier!

Baby Bell Helps out on Dad's Working Day Off

11/14/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
Hard at work small
Does anyone other thank banks and the post office observe Veterans Day?

Not All Content Delivery Methods are Created Equal

10/10/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
With Blockbuster filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and planning to shutter hundreds of its retail stores, you could say the last major provider of retail content has died. The culprit? The Internet of course!

Locking in Customers without a Long Term Contract

10/03/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
Cell phone companies are notorious for locking in customers to a long term contract (usually two years). They do this so they can provide cheap handsets.

Baby Bell Enjoying Eating from a Spoon

09/24/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
Baby Bell Spoon Fed-small
Wow, has it almost been five months already since Baby Bell was born? It's amazing how fast time flies when raising an infant. I'm really enjoying this opportunity since it only comes once.

Stock Buybacks Mean Companies Have No Better Plan for Shareholder's Money

08/22/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
You probably won't find me writing much about the stock market and investing. While I have money in play, I'm certainly not an expert so don't view any of this advice as a recommendation one way or another. This articles is really a business management advice article of which I do have plenty of experience. Always Invest at your own risk!

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