Here is where you'll find articles that I've written that give you further insight to what's happening in my life.  From events at which I'll be speaking including book signings to family happenings and other general musings, I invite you to share your comments. 

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Two Year Olds Make Tough Customers

06/02/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
When the answer is always "no," it's very difficult to satisfy someone's desires!

"The Banner Brand" Book Signing

04/11/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
This past Saturday I had my first book signing! It was at the Clark County Spring Fling Book Fair at the East Flamingo location.

Phone Interview for the Digitial World Expo 2011

04/04/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
In September 2011 I had the privilege of being a presenter at the first annual Digital World Expo here in Las Vegas. My presentation was on "Maximizing Viral Returns". Before the show I was interviewed by Event Chair, Shawn Rorick.

The Bigger Story of Apple's Dividend and Stock Buyback Announcement

03/20/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
Hard at work small
Over three years, Apple will be returning $40 billion to shareholders. While this amount is not significant to Apple, $40 billion is still an insane amount of money to get pumped back into the system. Apple may be providing our economy with the largest free market stimulus package of its kind

The Formula for Yahoo!'s Success -- HINT, It's Not Their Newly Announced CEO!

01/04/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
Yahoo! already had the opportunity on multiple occasions to turn around a once formidable Internet giant. Why do they keep applying the wrong formula?

Sit and Spin!

12/26/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
Baby Bell Thumbnail
Baby Bell received a Sit and Spin for Christmas. Watch her go at warp speed!

False Advertising - When it's Not a Digital "Copy"

11/20/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
When it comes to music and movies, digital is the most convenient method of delivery for both. However, there's a big difference between owning and renting so sales and marketing of either should openly reflect that choice.

Can Netflix Survive as a Standalone Company?

11/01/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
Netflix has certainly had its share of bad press. However, their sudden business moves and knee jerk reactions may be a bigger sign of trouble.

Investment Criteria to Grow (My) Personal Wealth

08/21/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
As I've gotten older, I've become a smarter investor. That hasn't stopped me from making silly investment mistakes that plague many of the people who put money into the market though. Thankfully, I've identified an investing strategy for myself that should reap great personal rewards.

Interview from the "Las Vegan" Radio Show

06/30/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
Listen to my interview with Amy Ayoub and Caroline Ciocca as they welcome me as a guest on the radio show, "The Las Vegan."

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