Baby Bell

This section is dedicated to my Baby Bell.  Watch her as she grows and becomes just like her father.  Okay, maybe not just like her father, but hopefully you can see her develop into a wonderful person that has a positive contribution to society.  No pressure!

Mark Cenicola

Baby Bell Blog Articles

A Brief Look Back at 10 Years of Technological Progress

05/23/2020 Mark A. Cenicola
Baby Bell Window Small
Our society is noting yet like Star Trek, but it’s certainly becoming more virtual. We aren’t traveling the galaxy, but are traversing the bit-world, working from home and even dating via teleconference. Health lockdowns don’t seem all that bad when we can diddle away time virtually.

Baby Bell Surprised by the Speed at which She's Sledding Down the Hill

12/21/2013 Mark A. Cenicola
Mountains Edge park had their annual play in the snow day where they brought in snow so families could enjoy something they don't get to experience very often in Las Vegas.

Baby Bell Gets Earrings on Trip to Houston

03/27/2013 Mark A. Cenicola
While visiting family in Houston, Baby Bell flew back home with her first set of earrings

Two Year Olds Make Tough Customers

06/02/2012 Mark A. Cenicola
When the answer is always "no," it's very difficult to satisfy someone's desires!

Sit and Spin!

12/26/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
Baby Bell Thumbnail
Baby Bell received a Sit and Spin for Christmas. Watch her go at warp speed!

Does This Child Have too Much Laundry?

01/12/2011 Mark A. Cenicola
Isabella Basket Small
Baby Bell certainly has a lot of laundry; so much that she barely has room for herself. Oh wait, that's not a baby carrier!

Baby Bell Helps out on Dad's Working Day Off

11/14/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
Hard at work small
Does anyone other thank banks and the post office observe Veterans Day?

Baby Bell Enjoying Eating from a Spoon

09/24/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
Baby Bell Spoon Fed-small
Wow, has it almost been five months already since Baby Bell was born? It's amazing how fast time flies when raising an infant. I'm really enjoying this opportunity since it only comes once.

A New Life Joins the World

05/26/2010 Mark A. Cenicola
Baby Bell Thumbnail
What an experience it is to witness the birth of a child. My Baby Bell was love at first sight!

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